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In this message we walk through how to understand the meaning of the text that God intended. Apr 24, If you are like me you have been told over and over again to study Bible but no one ever shows you how.

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Well today we change all that. In part 4 we show you how to do a Bible study in 4 easy steps.

Apr 17, The Bible is not simply a book written by men. It is the very Word of God.

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Get email updates from Tedd :. If you were bold enough to head out to church in the snow last Sunday you might have noticed the new bulletin boards going up in the lobby and at the top of the stairs. These bulletin boards feature a brick background and will be calling our attention to different prayer opportunities throughout the 40 Days in the Word campaign.

They will be leading us to pray specifically and strategically throughout the entire campaign. Because without prayer, this 40 Days in the Word will be nothing more than a flurry of religious activity without a solid spiritual foundation.

40 Days in the Word - Session One with Rick Warren

June 16, June 9, Deep Into the Hem. June 2, May 26, Outflow - Blessed to be a Blessing.

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40 Days in the WORD

May 19, Prophetic Conference - Session 9. May 17, Prophetic Conference - Session 8. Prophetic Conference - Session 7. Prophetic Conference - Session 6.

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40 Days in the Word: Building My Life on the Bible – James 1:19-25

Blessed to Be a Blessing. Book of Isaiah.

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Book of John. Book of Matthew. Christmas Service. David Lim.

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