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With that said, it should come as no surprise that our favorite part of the holidays are the massive feasts consisting of course after course of delicious delicacies. You still have plenty of great options when it comes to where to eat in Seville on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Here are a handful of our favorites.

Silent night, hopeful night: Why Christmas Eve is most magical time of year

For more than 40 years, El Giraldillo has been a reference for homestyle sevillano cuisine and spectacular views of the Giralda from its picturesque terrace. A delectable Christmas Eve feast in a renovated 18th century manor house? Say no more. True to their signature style, their nochebuena dinner event promises to be a meal to remember. Be sure to make your reservation for this exclusive holiday event ASAP. Choose from one of six excellent menus, each composed of dishes representing the utmost in Andalusian cuisine and made with carefully selected fresh, local ingredients.

The bright, friendly space will immediately make you feel at home. Sound familiar? The iconic restaurant with awe-inspiring views of the Giralda will also be open on December 25, making it one of our top picks for both where to eat in Seville on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! And did we mention the incredible views?!

Looking for something different this Christmas? Nazca is the place for you.


25+ Things To Do With Kids During The Holidays in Philadelphia for — Visit Philadelphia

With a revolutionary blend of Peruvian-Japanese fusion, this incredible restaurant just north of the city center is sure to impress. And I had to laugh about your Christmas Eve story. So the whole room sang happy birthday! It was fantastic!!! Blessings to the Frugalwoods homestead. I love your candor and wit and I would love to read a step-by-step toddler hair tutorial. So re. My secret is that I use a spray bottle of water to wet it down a tad and then use a comb and a brush to pull it up into tiny elastic hair ties.

I let her pick the spot she wants to sit in for me to do her hair and that seems to help a lot. Good luck!! I never thought of using a spray bottle with water. My pleasure!! Babies screaming, toddlers squirming and sometimes running, kids playing with fire for the first time. Oh dear, that was tricky, trying not to laugh while my 7 month old sleeps on top of me! I so feel you on expectations versus reality. Enjoy the mess. I and my daughter are Jewish. She has pooped on the Rabbi while possetting onto the floor. Have you ever thought of doing stand-up? Please never stop writing!

I appreciate it :. I love this and you are so awesome for keeping it real! You are doing a great job, and those difficult moments for you are very entertaining to read about after the fact, so thanks for being so open and vulnerable. I almost would have paid money to see you slinking down the aisle at the Christmas service. Sorry, but I laughed so hard at that. Been there, done something similar. Yeah, the front of her very fluffy hair started to flame.

Quick thinking and quicker acting, we quickly snuffed it out. Yeah, burnt hair. Think of the infamous scene of Mary Tyler Moore at the funeral.


I feel your pain and can laugh heartily at your retrospective as only the mom of grown kids can do. At 8 months pregnant in a snowy Ohio winter I decided that my son and I needed out of the house so I bundled him up and headed to the library. Said two year old son decided to take off at a full blown run once inside the library and proceed to throw books off the shelves while giggling and looking at me. As I reached down to grab him the first time he wriggled out of his coat and ran further away.

I caught him again and finally on my third try of scooping him up, as I crouched down to pick him up my maternity jeans split all the way through from front elastic waistband to back.

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas - Wikipedia

Did I mention that there was a gardening club meeting going on? I mustered up what little dignity that I could with my pants wide open and got out of the library with one kicking and screaming two year old in my arms — and my pants falling down.

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When my husband arrived home that night from work, I showed him the pants to which he howled with laughter. This story is a legend in our family. And believe me there are many, many, many other stories about this boy.

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  7. This is so, so, so true written by the mother of a 2 and 4 year old. For me, I gave up a career that was meaningful and stressful and incompatible with how I wanted to raise my kids but that transition was difficult and made more difficult by my unrealistic expectations of mothering. Life has drastically improved! Sending you strong mama vibes! I am awkwardly laugh crying in a coffee shop over your church experience. My panties are in my crack!

    Thank you for your honesty on your holiday experiences. Your nails look great!! One thing that caught me off-guard this year, my daughter wrote a letter to Santa, at school. There was more than one thing in that letter, and we talked again about Santa only bringing one gift. With that said, this year was by far the most we have ever bought our children for Christmas. Most of which were things were needed to get them anyway.

    More construction paper, new markers, water shoes for their water play days out side during the summer. We did start a new tradition this year.

    Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade at Very Merry Christmas Party - with Princesses, Frozen

    We took the kids to 5 below, and had them pick out gifts for me and my husband. I would encourage you to keep going to Christmas Eve with the kids. My wife and I have been living your eve for 18 years now with all of our kids youngest is now 3. Good memories and good traditions minus the gray hair from all of it. This brought back great memories of my kids now grown and their church antics.

    Your nails look great! Love your stories. I have a tip for making gingerbread houses. Buy the one cup milk cartons,cover with icing and place graham crackers on it and cover with candy.

    Classic Italian Christmas Cookies and a Swerve Baking Giveaway

    Works well with young and old. Love it, all of it. Which was great except that there were spiders in the branches who came out to dance at dinner. I kid you not. Her flight arrives at midnight…because…. Martha, your Christmas Eve dinner sounds hilarious!! Our kids are each about 6 months in age behind yours, but we were tucked into the back of the church — granola bars, pouches and whatever snacks I could quickly grab on the way out of the house to help with that whole 5pm service-at-supper-time.

    While I certainly sympathize with your Christmas Eve plight, it certainly made for hilarious reading and will serve as great memories for you down the road. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story! And, yes, your nails look fabulous! Sweaters with flowers on them were all the rage a few probably more than years ago and I still love to wear mine too. Oh what a familiar feeling read this was!