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Not New South Wales…. Hey these are great! Takes me back to my childhood drama lessons. Thank you for these.

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I am a director at a small community theatre, and sometimes I need easy games to help increase the energy level before rehearsal starts. These will all work really well! Thank you very helpful! These games are great ideas and the kids love them! There is a mix of games here. I have played a number of these games in my mid-twenties with leading theatre directors. I really found lot of thing for this book. And my children are so happy with games and all activities. Thank you do much.

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Theater and Improv Games for the Classroom and Beyond

Here are some of my favorite small group improv games. Place two rows of two chairs to represent the front and back seat of a taxi. Actors sit in the four chairs, 1 playing the driver and the three passengers choose a quirk, habit, or personality to represent. The person in the rear driver side seat bothers the person in the front passenger seat, and the person in the front passenger seat bothers the person in the driver seat.

When they identify one or more, everyone rotates driver to rear passenger, rear passenger to rear driver side, rear driver side to front passenger, and front passenger to driver. If you have a larger group, audience members identify quirks, habits and personalities and the first audience member that guesses correctly rotates in to the rear passenger seat while everyone else rotates as before, with the driver rotating out.

Two actors sit in chairs side by side representing a bus stop or park bench. One remains normal and the other takes on an annoying trait, habit, or personality quirk and begins to communicate with the other person, at the same time subtly acting out their trait, habit, or quirk to annoy the other person. Each person must remain seated, and the storytellers must not touch or yell at the listener.

I maintain a strict rule that the stories must remain PG and contain no bathroom talk. The late worker steps out of the performance space for 1 minute as the other two workers tell the boss an elaborate story as to why the third worker is late.

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After 1 minute, the boss determines if the stories match up. You can play again either with new players or by rotating roles. Performers divide into two groups that line up so that the first person in each of the two groups are facing each other. You will want to swap out performers after a designated amount of time for larger groups so that everyone gets a turn. Performers are given a scenario to act out, however they may only speak in questions. If they say anything that is not a question or if they repeat a question that has already been said , they are out and someone new takes their place and continues the scene.

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Actors either two or as many as you would like to include are given a scenario to act out along with a genre. The genre could be western, musical, Lifetime movie, documentary, etc. You can either give each group a set time to perform, or simply change out the scenario and genre when the current one goes stale. So many great improv games exist, that it can be overwhelming to remember them all.

Whether for fun, entertainment, warm ups, practice, or ensemble building. My kids love theatre camps and participating in community theatre.

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Their favorite part is when they are asked to do improv. It helps everyone learn to work together and they have a lot of fun. These are so creative and fun!!


Oh my gosh, all of these games sound like a blast. They would easily be adjustable to various ages as well! Our website may contain affiliate marketing links, which means we may get paid commission on sales of those products or services we write about. Our editorial content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships.