Aus dem Leben einer Frau (German Edition)

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Germany, Germany above everything, Above everything in the world, When, for protection and defence, it always takes a brotherly stand together. German women, German loyalty, German wine and German songs Shall retain in the world Their old beautiful Chime And inspire us to noble deeds During all of our life. Unity and justice and freedom For the German fatherland!

For these let us all strive Brotherly with heart and hand! This work was published before January 1, , and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least years ago.

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Codetermination in Germany defines a set of rights that give employees the possibility to actively participate in shaping their working environment. This includes legally stipulated co-determination rights, internal company agreements devised in conjunction with union contracts, and informal arrangements that have arisen from co-determination practice.

For many years, Germany was one of only a few European countries not to have a minimum wage or comparable mechanism.

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  • Since January 1, , however, the country now has a legal minimum wage. The trade unions fought long and hard to achieve this victory.