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I loved the book blurb and the excerpt. Thanks for introducing me to a new author, M. Sounds delish! Thanks Deborah! I hope you enjoy Jill and Chet's story : Thanks for coming by and commenting. Deborah- I appreciate you stopping in, as always. Hope you are having a fabulous week! Loved the excerpt and am sure I'll enjoy the book. Christine, I notice you and I have a couple--no, three--things in common: reading, writing--and no arithmetic! Best wishes and much success! I see wordpress hates me tonight--so I'm not anonymous, really. Leslie P Garcia!

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Good to know there is another mathematical struggler out there. And sometimes wordpress hates me too. Thanks for coming by, I hope you enjoy reading Bachelor's Special. Leslie- I knew I liked you for a reason! I think most writers and other creative types struggle with those more analytical skills. And I'm fine with that. My husband, however, is good at both. And that's just plain wrong! Thanks for visiting! Sounds like a fun book, Christine. Congrats on your release! Thanks for spotlighting it, Mary. I enjoy spotlighting talented authors. And I enjoy hearing from readers like you, Erin.

Thanks for stopping over! Well that's a hot and intriguing excerpt!

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Congrats, Christine, on your release! That's such a lovely name! Feeling the same way about Jill, Chet can't let her escape from him again; especially since he finally located her after a year of looking and wondering who and where she was. She will live in his mansion and get her life back together. When the set time period is over, Chet will then assist her with starting her catering business.

By Diane Alberts - Diane Alberts

The attraction they feel towards one another is like nothing Jill or Chet have ever felt before, but Chet is Jill's boss and he's not looking for a real relationship and Jill isn't looking to be a playboy's play toy. Will they explore their feelings and just with it or, when the time period of their contract ends, will Jill walk away for good? This is one of the best written novels I've had the privilege of reading. Christine Warner is an excellent teller of stories. It is so easy to get lost withing the pages of Bachelor's Special; her writing style is fluid and moves along at such an even pace.

There aren't any slow or overly fast sections of this novel. There is a bit of humor thrown in for good measure and it's placed appropriately in the scenes. There isn't any part of this novel that I didn't like, felt was unnecessary, unneeded, or a time waster. Everything that happened was crucial to the story.

Jill is a very likable heroine. She has a style that is 's throwback and pulls it off terrifically. She's strong and independent; wanting to make sure she starts her catering business on her own, not from handouts, pity, or charity. You can definitely tell that Jill loves to cook. You sense it in the descriptions of her facial expressions, her mannerisms, and from the reflection we get from Chet's point-of-view. It's not hard to complete engulf the feelings that each character portrays. Chet is likable from the beginning, even when he divulges that he isn't relationship material and just wants to get into Jill's pants.

We see his attitude toward relationships change the longer he's around Jill. You completely understand why he's hesitant and had a hard time changing how he feels about long-term relationships. If you dated a woman who had both hands in your bank account, leaving no hands available to do anything else, you might be a tad leery, too.

Bachelor's Special is an absolutely wonderful novel that has you rooting for the power couple, even though there are so many obstacles in the way - two of them being Jill and Chet, themselves. Please Note: This novel has adult content and mature themes. May 06, Nikki Barrett rated it really liked it.

Ahh, Christine does it again. All thoughts are strictly my own! I'm not sure what's hotter Warner's latest book, Bachelor's Special.

I'll tell you what I love more- the heat between these two! I'll tak Ahh, Christine does it again.

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I'll take that any day! Have you ever had an experience with someone that no matter how you try, you just can't forget it? Yet you're not even sure why it still resounds in your mind all the time?

Getting to Know Christine Warner’s “Bachelor’s Special” (Entangled Indulgence)

The beginning of this book starts out with just that. Jill is beginning her dream, but one little slip up after another is going to bring everything crashing down. Fast forward to now.

Jill's best friend is setting her up on a blind date. Oh, but it goes get much better! Who should walk in as her blind date is none other than the man that started her downward spiral. His kisses were lethal- on her heart, and unfortunately, on her career. Yes, I'm gasping sadly over this too. How could a man that gives such passionate kisses derail everything?

It's a big tragic, and yes, I'm being melodramatic, I know. Chet Castle Sexy, a bit mysterious and a very generous man. At times, he's a bit touch and go, because he's inner trail of thinking drives me nuts at times. Though I don't hold it against him too badly, because I understand his past.

REVIEW: Bachelor’s Special by Christine Warner

He guards his heart with the walls so thick that I wonder if anyone would ever get through. He's a softie, we learn as he wants to help Jill out, and we learn a bit more about him and the people that work at his house.

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As for Jill, she's a strong woman. She's had it stacked against her, suddenly her career is on the line after the incident with Chet, and she can't seem to get her foot in the door. She's not one to give up, and she's definitely got a stubborn streak, which I admire. Her determination to get where she wants to be keeps her very driven and focused Jill faces some issues in the workforce as men tend to think one thing about her because of a simple mistake.

It's something that follows her everywhere, and at times, it begins to wear and tear at her.