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After launch, it is clear the Brawler needs to be a bit scarier is that possible?! His Damage per second is increasing considerably, and he will now 1-hit Archers while taking 1 less hit to defeat a wide range of enemies. Now Radius matches the animation - Barbarian Barrel no longer hits troops that it doesn't touch.

For reference - a tile refers to the squares you see on the Arena that affect troop placement, range, and more! Dark Prince Range: 1. All other troops with a range of 0.

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All of these troops will be classified as being Melee: Short. Read full patch notes here! Release Notes. This Month's Balance Changes Cannon Cart. Giant Snowball. Radius : Reduced 3. Inferno Tower.

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Goblin Cage. Barbarian Barrel. B2 [ T ] to give several things equal amounts of importance , time , or money so that a situation is successful :. I struggle to balance work and family commitments.

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If the business loses any more money , we won't be able to balance the books this year. Her suitcase was precariously balanced on the tiny luggage rack above her head. A see-saw balances at its fulcrum. The wine has just enough dryness to balance its fruitiness. Discover how eating raw food helps balance your body and aids digestion.

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At the moment the election seems balanced on a knife-edge. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Accounting. Budgeting money. Phrasal verbs balance sth against sth. He jumped off the porch and lost his balance when he landed on the grass , falling to the ground. The horse jumped the fence but landed off balance and fell. He works toward a balance between extremes. As a journalist , you try to strike a balance between serious reporting and the temptation to say clever things.

Idioms balance the budget. Virtually all financial records - bank balances , mutual fund , and brokerage records - are held in electronic form. I checked my balance at the ATM. See also adverse balance of trade. This balance is then transferred to the profit and loss account.


Cut your outstanding mortgage balance and your monthly repayments will also come down. He is one of millions of people who does not pay off his credit card balance every month. See also balance transfer. We ordered copies ; 50 to be delivered now and the balance next month.

They are looking for a better balance between internet security and ease of use. You need to find a balance between the demands of work and those of your home life. See also competitive balance. The Conservatives initially balanced the books by selling assets and cutting health and education spending. He had made some kind of computation error and the account didn't balance.

The President is unlikely to balance the budget in this term of office , but he does hope to lower the deficit. They hoped that this month's good sales would balance out the poor sales in the previous month.

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Outsourcing decisions are essentially a balancing act between the benefits of markets , lower production costs , and higher transaction costs. Examples of balance. At the same time, radial solute concentration fields are computed by solving the diffusion-reaction mass balances for the relevant soluble substrates in pseudo steady state. From Cambridge English Corpus. Our aim was to select children who had as balanced an exposure as possible to both languages.

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Each task contained two blocks of 36 items, the sequence of blocks was balanced over participants. An initial semantic congruency check was performed for each of the possible meanings within each stimulus to make sure they were balanced on that dimension.

The person who has achieved full virtue has passions that are rightfully balanced. The model calibration balanced market and non-market effects in setting baseline conditions. In the following, steady state is used equivalently to balanced growth path. Right lung: overflow, with balancing ofthe base to apex flow. More often than not, however, the distribution of text between the prima parte and seconda parte is not balanced.

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A choice between rough equals is balanced, but not in the fine way that a choice between exact equals is. The motivation for adding such complexity to the already complex situation of balancing selection in subdivided populations is two-fold.

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A simple genealogical structure of strongly balanced allelic lines and trans-species evolution of polymorphism. Evidence for balancing selection at the major histocompatibility complex in a free-living ruminant. The effects of local selection, balanced polymorphism and background selection on equilibrium patterns of genetic diversity in subdivided populations. Here the pressure transport and convection are vanishingly small and the gain of energy by production is balanced by diffusion and dissipation. See all examples of balance. Collocations with balance.