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An inclination to perform kind, charitable acts. A compulsory tax or payment exacted by some English sovereigns without the consent of Parliament.

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Also: benevolentness inclination or tendency to help or do good to others; charity. Historical Terms in the Middle Ages a forced loan or contribution exacted by English kings from their nobility and subjects. Switch to new thesaurus.

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Kindly, charitable interest in others: altruism , beneficence , benignancy , benignity , charitableness , charity , goodwill , grace , kindheartedness , kindliness , kindness , philanthropy. A charitable deed: benefaction , beneficence , benignity , favor , kindliness , kindness , oblation , office often used in plural , philanthropy.

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  • Mentioned in? References in classic literature? It is not easy to forbear reflecting with how little reason these men profess themselves the followers of Jesus, who left this great characteristic to His disciples, that they should be known by loving one another, by universal and unbounded charity and benevolence.

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    View in context. I fear it was the dullness of trade, rather than any considerations of benevolence , that induced our mistress to depart from her rule. You were gone, beyond the reach of my benevolence and justice. Why, if this world is created and controlled by infinite wisdom and benevolence , are not all things beautiful? English History.

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    • Content related to benevolence Words That Command Respect A collection of words fit to describe a true leader, and suitable to apply to anyone who inspires us to do and be better every day. Words related to benevolence compassion , generosity , altruism , kindness , gift , friendliness , amity , sympathy , goodness , feeling , friendship , humanity , comity.

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      Origin of benevolence First recorded in —; Middle English word from Latin word benevolentia. See benevolent , -ence. Examples from the Web for benevolence And your current brand of persuasion entails tempering pushiness with aplomb, brute force with benevolence. The Citizen-Soldier John Beatty.