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Tagore wrote some 2, songs in Bengali , now known as Rabindra Sangeet , using classical music and traditional folk music as sources. Sufi folk rock contains elements of modern hard rock and traditional folk music with Sufi poetry. While it was pioneered by bands like Junoon in Pakistan it became very popular, especially in north India. More recently, the sufi folk rock song "Bulleya" from the film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil became a mammoth hit.

This is a genre of Nepali folk song of the Tamang people and popular amongst the Nepali speaking community in West Bengal, Sikkim and around the world. It is accompanied by Tamang instruments, the Madal , Damphu and Tungna , although nowadays musicians have taken to modern instruments.

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A Tamang Selo can be catchy and lively or slow and melodious, and is usually sung to convey sorrow, love, happiness or day-to-day incidents and stories of folklore. She has sung nearly songs through her musical career spanning 40 years. Uttarakhandi folk music had its root in the lap of nature and the hilly terrain of the region. Common themes in the folk music of Uttarakhand are the beauty of nature, various seasons, festivals, religious traditions, cultural practices, folk stories, historical characters, and the bravery of ancestors.

The folk songs of Uttarakhand are a reflection of the cultural heritage and the way people live their lives in the Himalayas. Tabla and Harmonium are also sometimes used, especially in recorded folk music from the s onwards. Music composers, like R. Burman , Shankar Jaikishan , S. Nayyar , Hemant Kumar , C.

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Viswanathan , K. Mahadevan , Ghantasala and S. Batish employed the principles of harmony while retaining classical and folk flavor. Traditionally, in Indian films, the voice for the songs is not provided by the actors, they are provided by the professional playback singers , to sound more developed, melodious and soulful, while actors lipsynch on the screen.

In the past, only a handful of singers provided the voice in Hindi films. These include Kishore Kumar , K. Yesudas , Mohammed Rafi , Mukesh , S. Balasubrahmanyam , T.

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Chitra , Geeta Dutt , S. Rock bands like Indus Creed , Indian Ocean , Silk Route and Euphoria have gained mass appeal with the advent of cable music television. In the late s and early s, rock and roll fusions with Indian music were well known throughout Europe and North America.

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Ali Akbar Khan 's performance in the United States was perhaps the beginning of this trend. Jazz pioneers such as John Coltrane —who recorded a composition entitled 'India' during the November sessions for his album Live At The Village Vanguard the track was not released until on Coltrane 's album Impressions —also embraced this fusion. George Harrison of the Beatles played the sitar on the song " Norwegian Wood This Bird Has Flown " in , which sparked interest from Shankar, who subsequently took Harrison as his apprentice.

Jazz innovator Miles Davis recorded and performed with musicians like Khalil Balakrishna, Bihari Sharma, and Badal Roy in his post electric ensembles. Virtuoso jazz guitarist John McLaughlin spent several years in Madurai learning Carnatic music and incorporated it into many of his acts including Shakti which featured prominent Indian musicians. Though the Indian music craze soon died down among mainstream audiences, die-hard fans and immigrants continued the fusion.

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  4. Artusepik im Spannungsfeld nordeuropäischer Sagas und mittelhochdeutschen Ritterromanen: Ein exemplarischer Vergleich des altisländischen Íven und Hartmann von Aues Iwein (German Edition).
  5. Since the s, Canadian born musician Nadaka who has spent most of his life in India , has been creating music that is an acoustic fusion of Indian classical music with western styles. One such singer who has merged the Bhakti sangeet tradition of India with the western non-Indian music is Krishna Das and sells music records of his musical sadhana. Another example is the Indo-Canadian musician Vandana Vishwas who has experimented with western music in her album Monologues. In the new millennium , American hip-hop has featured Indian filmi and bhangra. Mainstream hip-hop artists have sampled songs from Bollywood movies and have collaborated with Indian artists.

    In , the British band Cornershop paid tribute to Asha Bhosle with their song Brimful of Asha , which became an international hit. Asian Dub Foundation are not huge mainstream stars, but their politically charged rap and punk rock influenced sound has a multi-racial audience in their native UK.

    In , hip-hop producer Madlib released Beat Konducta Vol 3—4: Beat Konducta in India ; an album which heavily samples and is inspired by the music of India. Sometimes, the music of India will fuse with the traditional music of other countries. For example, Delhi 2 Dublin , a band based in Canada, is known for fusing Indian and Irish music, and Bhangraton is a fusion of Bhangra music with reggaeton , which itself is a fusion of hip hop, reggae, and traditional Latin American music. Indian pop music is based on an amalgamation of Indian folk and classical music, and modern beats from different parts of the world.

    Recently, Indian pop has taken an interesting turn with the " remixing " of songs from past Indian movie songs, new beats being added to them. Raga rock is rock or pop music with a heavy Indian influence, either in its construction, its timbre, or its use of instrumentation, such as the sitar and tabla. Raga and other forms of classical Indian music began to influence many rock groups during the s; most famously the Beatles. The first traces of "raga rock" can be heard on songs such as " See My Friends " by the Kinks and the Yardbirds ' " Heart Full of Soul ", released the previous month, featured a sitar-like riff by guitarist Jeff Beck.

    Indeed, the term "raga rock" was coined by The Byrds' publicist in the press releases for the single and was first used in print by journalist Sally Kempton in her review of "Eight Miles High" for The Village Voice.

    The rock music scene in India is small compared to the filmi or fusion musicality scenes. Rock music in India has its origins in the s when international stars such as the Beatles visited India and brought their music with them. These artists' collaboration with Indian musicians such as Ravi Shankar and Zakir Hussain have led to the development of raga rock. International shortwave radio stations such as The Voice of America, BBC, and Radio Ceylon played a major part in bringing Western pop, folk, and rock music to the masses.

    Indian rock bands began to gain prominence only much later, around the late s. It was around this time that the rock band Indus Creed formerly known as The Rock Machine got itself noticed on the international stage with hits like Rock N Roll Renegade. Other bands quickly followed.

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    With the introduction of MTV in the early s, Indians began to be exposed to various forms of rock such as grunge and speed metal, impacting the national scene. The cities of the North Eastern Region, mainly Guwahati and Shillong , Kolkata , Delhi , Mumbai and Bangalore have emerged as major melting pots for rock and metal enthusiasts. Bangalore has been the hub for rock and metal movement in India. From Central India, Nicotine , an Indore-based metal band, has been credited with pioneering metal music in the region.

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    The spread and following of Western classical music in India is almost entirely non-existent. It is mainly patronised by the Indian Zoroastrian community and small esoteric groups with historical exposure to Western classical music. Another esoteric group with significant patronage is the Protestant Christian community in Chennai and Bangalore. Western keyboard, drums and guitar instruction being an exception as it has found some interest; mainly in an effort to create musicians to service contemporary popular Indian music.

    Despite more than a century of exposure to Western classical music and two centuries of British colonialism, classical music in India has never gained more than 'fringe' popularity. However, Western classical music education has improved with the help of certain institutions in India, including KM Music Conservatory founded by Oscar-winning Composer A. It is today the only professional symphony orchestra in India and presents two concert seasons per year, with world-renowned conductors and soloists. Some prominent Indians in Western classical music are:.

    Patriotic feelings have been instigated within Indians through music since the era of the freedom struggle. Patriotic songs were also written in many regional languages such as Biswo Bizoyi No Zuwan in Assamese. Rahman have been responsible for consolidating feelings of national integration and unity in diversity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    For other uses, see Indian music disambiguation. Mythology and folklore.

    Mythology folklore Indian epic poetry Vedic mythology Buddhist mythology. Architecture Sculpture Painting. Indian poetry. Music and performing arts. Television Cinema. World Heritage Sites.