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A recent event saw almost 50 people — both staff and partners from Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and the three digital technologies come along to find out more ahead of the programme going live. The first digital service will enable patients to respond to text messages asking how they are feeling compared to their last text message same, better or worse and these responses will be recorded by a telehealth co-ordinator.

Heart Smart: A guide to heart care at every age

By doing this, patients will be more closely monitored and will be able to more smoothly access care in the community, should they need it, before they become acutely unwell, reducing the need to return to hospital. The second digital service will give patients exclusive access to an online health library to help them improve their own self-care behaviours while the third will refer patients to trusted third sector or voluntary sector organisations, such as bereavement counselling or citizens advice or to offer patients opportunities to engage in community groups and activities such as dance classes, allotment working or walking groups.

Dargoi Satchithananda, project lead, said: "Our stakeholder event was really positive and everyone who attended gained a better understanding of the project which will importantly help people in heart failure take better control of their own health with our support. All rights reserved.

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Try to select seafood that is known for its healthy fats such as salmon, tuna or mackerel. Dive right in. If you completely change your lifestyle too quickly, you risk getting burned out. One of the best ways to succeed with your diet is to see where you can make simple changes in your day-to-day life and then gradually add more.

Be smart, exercise your heart: exercise effects on brain and cognition.

When it comes to eating healthier, try these simple swaps:. Lose focus. Changing your diet takes time and effort. It requires you to think about your food choices before you eat.

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Stay on track by planning a grocery list at the beginning of the week to keep you focused on purchasing only the healthy items you need. Eat out too much. Consuming fast food or food at a restaurant — even if it seems healthy — may be doing more harm than good. These foods are often high sodium and larger portions than recommended. Instead, try to cook as home as much as you can. Not only will you save money, but you can monitor your portions and sodium intake more.

  2. Internal Medicine: Hepatology for the Internist and Hospitalist (Audio-Digest Foundation Internal Medicine Continuing Medical Education (CME). Volume 59, Issue 35).
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  5. To make an appointment with your doctor to talk about your heart health or to find a registered dietitian, visit henryford. You can also find recipes and nutrition advice in our EatWell section. Categories: EatWell.