Mysterious Ways: A Christmas Reawakening

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You have to make it simpler to understand. What advice do you have for parents who want to implant an appreciation of Advent in their children? I would say just try to be present. Do stuff that feels a little intentional and in the moment. The great thing about Advent is that it lasts four weeks. Sometimes being intentional and spending time together can take a while to bear fruit. The last thing I would say is that there are a lot of people who come from broken homes and did not grow up with a traditional family in the Christmas season.

Advent exists to pull us outside of ourselves and help us be reminded that we are part of a bigger story. You explore a lot of different styles in this album. I studied theory and composition and jazz in college, but then I started leading worship music at church, and with that music there were already musical parameters already established.

Most of the great Christmas songs, the classics, are almost written like show tunes or jazz standards. He had a charismatic experience.

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Eventually people would start pulling out instruments and have a nice sing-along. I wanted it to feel a little less like a cathedral on Christmas morning and more like a pub in Dublin. The range of that melody and how it keeps slowly ascending is just stunning. It was written to be sung on Christmas Eve at Mass, by a French priest.

Review – Regency Christmas Wishes by Carla Kelly, Janice Preston, and Christine Merrill

In a really subtle way, the melody twists and turns and the key change hints at maybe some of the surrounding feelings of trepidation that may have existed in the narrative of Joseph and Mary traveling and, with no room to stay. The lyrics are stunning too. And in his name all oppression shall cease.

Truly he taught us to love one another, His law is love and His Gospel is peace. It was always cranked up so loud on our stereo, but my dad would sing along really loud. More from Aleteia Philip Kosloski. Philip Kosloski. Tom Hoopes. Not Prepared to Donate?

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Toggle navigation. Monday 01 July Saint Junipero Serra. Matthew Green. J-P Mauro. Share The 9-time Grammy nominee makes a dual release in the spirit of the season. War was almost guaranteed to break out again, but until it did, this meant tight times in ports like Plymouth and Portsmouth.

Jem waited until she was engaged in conversation with another officer before picking up the mangled letter. Eleven years was a long time to expect a letter to rule in his favour. He had already finished reading his newspaper, and there was still soup to be downed. Might as well see what she wrote all those years ago.

He slit the letter open carefully, dismayed to see water damage inside. My God, Jem thought, she loved me. The rest of the letter was mainly blotched and illegible. He could decipher nothing else. His soup forgotten, Jem leaned back in his chair, staring out the window where autumn rain slid down the panes. His first glimpse of Theodora Winnings was through a fever haze, as though he gazed up at her from the bottom of a pond.

That was his second relapse from malaria. Since the frigate Bold was peacefully moored in Charleston Harbour, the post surgeon had taken him ashore and left him to the tender mercy of the Sisters of Charity. He had recalled nothing of the first week except the stink of his sweat and his desire to die. Toward the end of that week, he vaguely remembered a visit from his captain, who announced the Bold was sailing to Jamaica, but would return in two months, hoping to find him alive.

At the time, he had preferred death. Even in his addled state, Jem knew that was nothing to tell his commander. By the second week, he could get out of bed for a call of nature, if someone clutched him close around the waist. The Sisters of Charity were tough women who manhandled him so efficiently that any embarrassment quickly vanished. By the next week, he spoke in coherent sentences and silently admired the loveliness of her ivory skin, dark hair and eyes and full lips, not to mention a bountiful bosom. He knew Mrs Fillion had been through much, with children of her own at sea, and bad news when her lodgers died in the service of king and country.

Sermon - It Does not Seem Like Christmas - Luke 2

Her eyes brimmed with tears. I was a foolish lieutenant. Our paths were destined never to cross again. She dabbed angrily at her tears. He knew he was wearing his most sceptical expression, but she touched his sleeve, her hand gentle on his arm. He had to laugh. We rely on time and tides, not faith. What could he add to that? For both their sakes, he chose not to continue the narrative. He could pretend he had reassured her, and she was kind enough to think so, too. That was how polite society worked. He knew it would be wise to leave the dining room then, and spare Mrs Fillion from more discomfort.

He looked in the card room, not surprised to see the perpetual whist game about to get underway.

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Some of the officers preferred backgammon, and there was a table for that, too. The other two partners, good whist players, were already seated.


Jem considered their chances of taking sufficient tricks from the proficient pair looking at him with similar calculation. Jem knew they could defeat their opponents, who were post captains like himself, with ample prize money to see them through the irritation of peacetime. Chardon needed a big win to support his habit of eating and sleeping under a roof. Jem shrugged it off as he always did. There were worse things to be called. Jem motioned for Lieutenant Chardon to shuffle the deck.

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Ninety minutes later, he had the satisfaction of watching the captains fork over a substantial sum to Chardon. A note to Mrs Fillion had brought sandwiches and beer to their table. How nice to see him eat and play at the same time. After the captains left, grumbling, Chardon tried to divide the money. Jem shook his head. When the lieutenant started to protest, Jem put up his hand. And it was; that was the beauty of outranking a lieutenant. Jem Grey returned the little bow and made his way back to warm and comfortable quarters at the Drake. He could unbutton his trousers, kick off his shoes, lie down on a bed that did not sway with the current, and contemplate his next step, now that he knew Theodora Winnings had loved him eleven years ago. He looked around the dining room, wishing there were someone seated who had more courage dealing with Mrs Fillion.

Men could be such cowards. Honesty appeared to be the best policy with Mrs Fillion. She declined further comment, to his relief passed on to her next customer, coffee pot in hand. His jaw ached.