Nancy Drew #9: Ghost in the Machinery (Nancy Drew Graphic Novels: Girl Detective)

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Here's where it all began for Nancy. An old clock. And a secret.

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I like this image because it gives another look at how Nancy changed over the years. That's it for now. Couldn't resist putting in this poster for a bookstore event. I think it's really well done, and encapsulates everyhting that Nancy Drew literature stands for: a pretty young girl, brash enough to seek out the mystery, because she simply has to KNOW. Women characters in comics. Women creators in comics. Female characters in literature. And pretty girls riding around on bicycles or walking along the sidewalk, etc, etc.

Why is it entirely useless? Times change. I suppose I just like thinking about women. Filed under Uncategorized. If so, of what? My answering machine message on my phone is the same as hers in the game. I really have been wondering about those games. No Nancy Drew fans have stepped forward, before now, to give a review.

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I used to love doing things like that with answering machines, but now my cell phone just has the generic message. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Skip to content. Kicking it, Nancy Drew style. Mildred during her career, with a few of the many books she wrote.

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Another Kate Beaton strip. Love that guy's eyes in the final panel. As always, love is the greatest mystery of them all.

Nancy Drew cosplay. And now we ALL have that song going through our heads. One last image by the incomparable Kate Beaton. April 26, at pm. Paul Tobin. January 28, at pm. I just wanted to say I loved your page. I am a serious fangirl of Nancy Drew. Carley P. January 30, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. News Out Now in Comic Shops! Plants Vs. Zombies: Rumble At Lake Gumbo! June 13, Volume 10 of the Plants Vs. Zombies series of graphic novels appeared on comic shop […].

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A new digital issue of Bandette has arrived on ComiXology! An improperly used table fork! Release day! Volume 9 of the wildly popular Plants vs. Zombies graphic novels is available in a comic […]. In comic shops today, October 11! A new stand-alone hardcover volume of Plants Vs. Hitting comic shops Wednesday, October 4! Three hardcover volumes in one set! Will the Hardys be able to find their teacher and make it back to the campsite alive? Joe and Frank are taken aback when Principal Gerther announces that they need more extracurriculars on their school transcript, and he's signed them up for the basketball team.

They think it's odd because they both stink at basketball!

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But the Hardys soon find out that their principal isn't acting out of concern for their college applications; he wants them to solve a dangerous mystery on the team. It turns out that a band of masked players are kidnapping new team members and then beating them up, blackmailing them, and threatening them-all in an effort to boost performance. Can the boys step up to the line and stop the shadiness? The legend of the Bayport Beast has haunted the town for almost a century. Each summer brings rumors of a gigantic sasquatch creature roaming the nearby woods.

However, this summer brings more sightings than usual, causing all kinds of people to flock to town, including a few UFO enthusiasts who are convinced the beast could be some kind of stranded alien. More than that, the sightings cause a media blitz!

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Frank and Joe have never believed in the Bayport Beast, but when Frank catches a glimpse of a furry creature running through the woods, he changes his mind fast. And when reports surface of the beast attacking people-including a few friends-the Hardy brothers are on the case! After Frank and Joe are cornered by not one but three fearsome creatures, they have to wonder: is the Bayport Beast real after all?

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And is it multiplying? The Hardy Boys are visiting Paris!