Pentatonic Scales for Jazz Improvisation (The Ramon Ricker Jazz Improvisation)

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Pentatonic Scales for Jazz Improvisation

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Free delivery worldwide. Description More than a pattern book, this page spiral-bound book lays out the theory behind the use of pentatonic scales in jazz, and follows with 12 pages of transcribed solos and 40 pages of exercises. Still a favorite after 14 years, this book has become a standard in the field. Product details Format Paperback 84 pages Dimensions People who bought this also bought.

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The Ramon Ricker Improvisation Series

Atlas of Improbable Places Travis Elborough. The Joy of X Steven Strogatz. Tea Tony Gebely. I had planned on using the tweed, but elected to use the MB at the last minute. I looked at the set list and made a A beautiful clean amp for sale! Same one Kurt Rosenwinkel used on Star of Jupiter. It's in great shape, and just had a full retube and some general maintenance done on it.

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Thread Tools. Hello Everybody, There are many approaches to learning how to improvise over jazz tunes.

All of them are valid and have merit. I would like to introduce my approach that is based on using pentatonic scales for any chord, chord progression or song you would ever encounter. This is a "system" and therefore open to much criticism by jazz theorists. However, it will work and will complement your current style and level of development. With this system, it is impossible to play a wrong note. You don't have to worry about "avoid" notes. You can concentrate on the song. Also, it uses a strict two-frets-per-string approach that is very guitar friendly. I have a lot of FREE resources describing my approach.

Please feel free to email me at: rlemos calstatela. Reply With Quote. The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary. Ron, I am assuming you showed up because I linked your book yesterday on another thread. I hope you stick around and participate. This is a great group, and your input would be most welcome.

You and I have interacted on rmmjg in the past. Hi Derek, yes I did see your link Thank you! My post is an update to my response to you last February. I hope that you found the info useful. I do plan to be involved in this this really great group. My purpose is to share what I believe works in an actual playing situation. I will continue to produce free materials YouTube lessons and articles on my webpage so that people can judge for themselves if my approach is useful for them.

Thank you once again for your support and best wishes. I dig it, Though I usually think of a dorian pentatonic as Or minor pent from the 2nd.

I learned a similar approach from a guy named Jim Knapp. It's basically just using the regular Major and Minor pentatonic scales starting on different scale degree's from each chord. The problem I have with this is that because growing up, I used minor pentatoinc so much for rock and smooth jazz, I still phrase that way when I use those scale shapes. I'll spent some time with those links and let you know if I have anymore feed back.