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Who makes the bracelets? No, to be honest. I mean, when I first wrote it, it was kind of just me having a bit of a moment. I was in a bit of pain, I guess, and was trying to get it out and heal.

How did you feel when you found out it was going to be on Insecure season 3? Weirdly, I found out a few hours before the episode aired because of the time zones in America. What is going on? What was it like working with Russ on ZOO , his sophomore album? It was so good! I know he gets a bad rep and a lot of people hate on him, and I get why, but I think he just says things the wrong way. I actually agree with some of the things he says but I would never say it in the way he says it.

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Me and Kojey met really randomly, though. Cool, cool, cool. Also keeps me away from becoming too theoretical in my search for real solutions for maintenance. Joined May 20, One possible cause of start-up noise that has been frequently mentioned on the forum is the use of after-market filters.

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Genuine KIA filters are supposed to have a check-valve to prevent oil drainage. Checked the handbook for my wife's Mazda 6 2. The dealer had been using 10W, so I stuck with that once the car was out of warranty. No ill-effects after nearly 10 years on 10W, although I would probably have chosen 5W, knowing what I know now.

Probably not a good idea to change to another grade at this stage. These all have original OEM filters.

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Tonight, at the dealer, we will change oil in 3 of them with 5W, 5W and 10W Then I will bring back the filters to cut open. Joined Feb 25, These could also be called bucket style mechanical lifters.

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Mechanical lifters must be built with a small gap between the valve and the bucket that is known as "lash". This lash is required in order to compensate for metal expansion when the engine heats up to operating temperature. That is why the noise is present when the engine is cold. Once the engine warms up, the metal expands, and the pounding caused by the gap is no longer present. Some engine designs such as the Tau V8 and Nu I4, when speaking of Hyundai and Kia engines incorporate "Hydraulic lash adjusters", which instead use oil pressure to automatically adjust valve lash.

That explains why it is more prevalent on that engine.

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I spent a morning at the dealer the other day and none of the 3 cylinder cars came in, but there were 3 Sportages with 2. I was surprised that the noise was not just startup, but continued even after warmed up.

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They sounded like diesels or sewing machines. We took three identical cars with less than miles on them 2. So I put 5W in one and 5W in the third. So I drained the 5W and put 5W in that one too. Total quiet. When we closed the hood the mechanic thought the engine had shut off. The 15W was CI There doubt about going to what the Kia bulletin says use 5W except in very hot climates comes partly from tradition and partly from the manual that comes in these cars for this zone.

Interesting results; I'm surprised that there were such distinct differences.