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This fluffy plant tolerates a lot more abuse than other ferns — thanks to the fact that it's technically not a fern. Keep the soil moist and it'll thrive. These trendy trees have more than just lush foliage going for them. Their hardy disposition can adapt to most bright locations minus direct sunlight. Water generously in the summer and slow it down when winter comes.

You'll want to stick it in a spot with bright, indirect light and water frequently — its native habitat is a swamp. Here's another plant with fortuitous associations, although it also goes by the adorable nickname "Pancake Plant.

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Bonus: You can replant the offshoots that sprout from the base of the stem and keep money plants all over your house. The recipe for a happy yucca is easy: sun, sun, and more sun. Water sparingly and plant in a deep container to prevent the top-heavy woody stems from toppling over.

An easy-kill

Keep it thriving in bright but indirect light with moist soil. Don't worry about testing the soil. What's better than one spider plant? Just stick to well-lit spots, and don't forget weekly watering.

The purple, green, pink, and red leaves put on quite the show. For the best display, keep the plant moist not drenched and avoid bright light. Rubber trees can measure over feet tall in their native Asia, but regular pruning can keep the ornamental variety in check. Keep it away from cold drafts. Native to South Africa, jade plants are succulents that retain water in their round, green leaves. They're easy-going since succulent plants "go dormant" if they don't get enough water. Be mindful of the shallow roots, which can rot easily.

This water-retaining succulent grows colorful, bell-shaped flowers. Kalanchoe welcomes dry climates and temperature swings.

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It's even fine with degree winter weather, she adds. Don't over-water the Mexico native, because "its stems work off its reserves," says Nejman. Native to tropical Asian countries, the phalaenopsis orchid likes low light.

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But think twice if you live in a dry climate, as the orchid has a better chance of thriving in humid areas. Save changes Preview Cancel. Is bandit chief really level 28? I kill'd one on level 7.

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Easiest and Fastest way: Turn to a werewolf and in two claw shots he's dead. The Khajiit in the Hide Hat. My bandit chief's level was 36 so I just turned on tgm, not fair so I won't play fair. Easy Kill Manchester, UK.

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Contact Easy Kill. Streaming and Download help. If you like Easy Kill, you may also like:. Probably my favourite BBNG track to date.

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Took me a while to place Sam Herring as the singer for Future Islands but his passion is just as strong here. Rest of the album is awesome also : rob hammond.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - Gyoubu Oniwa - Strategy For An Easy Kill

Hushed, low-lit, folk-based music from Wales that recalls Mojave 3 at their most beautiful. The L. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jul 5, Blush by Blush. These tracks are straightforward and concise, never relying on gauzy metaphors to complicate her declarations of love. Bandcamp Album of the Day Dec 20, Another Life by lightcraft.